Clean or Unclean?

Jesus was under attack from the religious leaders (Pharisees) because His disciples didn’t wash their hands correctly before eating. Sounds ridiculous but it’s true. The Jews gave their hands a ceremonial washing before eating, whenever they came into contact with Gentiles. This was to prevent them from becoming “unclean”, as they considered Gentiles to be unclean.

It was a tradition which had become law but Jesus wasn’t having any of it. Rather than be bound by man-made traditions He called them to obey God’s law. We too have an obligation to be obedient to God; not so that we earn His favour but because we already have it. Our response ought to reflect His grace and mercy.


Scripture Readings

 Deuteronomy 4: 1-2, 6-9
oses urges the people to keep God’s command

James 1:17-27
Listening and doing

Mark 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23
Clean and unclean

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