Worship and Praise is at the heart of our Church’s life.

Worship and Praise is at the heart of our Church’s life.


We believe it is here that we can give Glory and Praise back to the Lord and that God serves His people through His Holy Word and Sacraments, and empowers them to go out and participate in mission to His world in His name.

At Zion we understand that not all people like to Worship in the same way for this reason we vary our Worship styles.

The more traditional style at 8:45am and the more modern family style at 10:45am most Sundays (this may vary from time to time) so if you are visiting us please call the office between 9 am – 12 noon, Tuesday – Friday on 08 8523 1929.

You’re VERY welcome to join us.



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Come for a Chat & Cuppa

In the hall after each worship.

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