Baptism is what Jesus commanded

Baptism is not something the church invented, it is what Jesus commanded. He said:

Go and make disciples of all people, baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit
(Matthew 28:19)

and He also said:

whoever believes and is baptised will be saved.
(Mark 16:16).

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Baptism is God’s gift.

People can receive the gift as infants, as children, or as adults.  When a person is baptised, God accepts them as His child – He becomes their heavenly Father.

Everything Jesus achieved through His death on the cross and resurrection back to life is offered to the person who is baptised as a personal gift.  In this sense, that person receives a new start to life.

Prior to Holy Baptism

Prior to baptism, Pastor and a member from Zion will visit and speak in more depth about baptism, and what it means for the person about to be baptised.

Please contact our Church office for more information about Holy Baptism

Come for a Chat & Cuppa

In the hall after each worship.

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